1. Biotech CBD Cream – 1000mg

The Biotech CBD Cream – 1000mg by DimondCBD is our number 1 choice by far. If you’re searching for concentrated dosages of CBD that will ease your pain and reduce inflammations, this product should definitely be your first choice.

The Biotech CBD Cream – 1000mg is blended with menthol, a natural analgesic that is well known for its pain relieving qualities. Combined with DimondCBD’s CBD oil which contain less than 0.3% THC Making it the most interesting pain relieving topical cream in the market.

So If you’re looking for a topical CBD pain relief cream that will reduce your inflammations and fight pain, the Biotech CBD Cream is the best choice.

2. PolarX 150mg CBD Infused Analgesic Gel

This topical gel is perfect to fight pain. Although it has less CBD than in our number 1 choice, this cream still has a fair amount of high-quality CBD which is infused with FDA approved active ingredient, menthol, that is well known for its pain relieving effect.

Considering the high-quality of this product with its affordable price, it is easy to say that PolarX by GreenGardenGold should be taken very seriously.

3. CBDfx CBD Cream

As one of the leading CBD brands out there, CBDfx created a special CBD cream that is also infused with 2 natural analgesics, menthol, and white willow bark. Another interesting future is that CBDfx decided to blend small amounts of caffeine so it will stimulate the blood flow and help to ease inflammations.

This Cream is also our favorite since it has a good fair amount of high-quality full-spectrum CBD in it. This makes this cream ideal for those who are looking for the full entourage effect.

4. Kat’s Naturals CBD Cream w/ Capsaicin

This cream made its way to the 3’rd honorable place on our list for 2 main reasons. Kat’s Naturals is a well known trusted brand in the industry that uses the best quality ingredients out there, and secondly, they created a special blend that combines CBD with the natural capsaicin. capsaicin is a well known anti-inflammatory agent in natural medicine.

If you’re looking for a new exciting CBD blended product for pain relief purposes, and if you’re searching for something new, this capsaicin infused with CBD cream is the right choice for you.

5. Medix CBD Pain Cream

The Medix CBD Pain Cream is another great option for a topical CBD product. Like several other topicals in our list, it is blended with menthol. What makes it unique, is the high dosages of menthol (22%) that you will find in this product. Therefore, even though it doesn’t possess big amounts of CBD, if you’re searching for a very strong cooling effect that will be combined within your topical CBD experience, this product is a great choice for you.