How To Fix Your Makeup in 5 Mins

How To Fix Your Makeup in 5 Mins

Name a better horror story than witnessing your smeared makeup, I will wait. No, you cannot come up with any because every woman wants to see her makeup in a perfect state. Managing an ideal makeup throughout the day sometimes becomes really difficult. Usually, when we enter an outlet and look into floor-length mirrors, we are left god smacked with our eye shadow all ruined. Your favorite red lip color might betray you too when your friend signals you to wipe the color off your teeth. Immense embarrassment alert! Talk about weather alerts. You never know what the weather is up to. The scorching beams of the sun show apathy for your makeup. It doesn’t care your foundation cracks or melts, leaving you astounded with rage. Yes, I get it. Admitting to such possibilities gives you a pang of guilt too. But hey, are we really giving up on makeup? No way! The following are the best ways to handle your makeup malfunction and tackle the embarrassing moments coming up your alley. Trust me on this ladies, it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

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Before we move on to the tricks of fixing your makeup, the following are a few things that you must carry with you no matter where you are. Be it your office, university, hotel, even in your car when you are traveling. Keep a small pouch for this purpose. These essential items include a foundation, a lip gloss, the lip color you are wearing, tissues/wipes, the eye shadow you are wearing, a blush-on, a brush, and of course, a mirror. Seems a long list? Well, you can carry each in small palettes. You will not regret having them.

Now let’s move on to the fixing makeup. Since you have to fix your makeup and make it look as good as before, run to a nearby restroom or washroom. You might be getting late for an important meeting, your class might be about to begin, your impatient hubby might be waiting at the restaurant table, or somebody might be visiting you. You definitely want to look good, yeah?

Begin with the foundation

Never underestimate the importance of a well applied and smooth foundation. Gently dab the foundation on your face with a sponge. Remember, don’t put too much foundation because you already have some on. You are only fixing it. If you see cracks or lumps, then dab those spots and make it flawless. Check that your forehead, cheeks, and chin are all equal. You don’t want to look like a cake, yeah?

Work on eyebrow

Since you already have filled your eyebrows with your desired color; therefore, don’t go harsh on them. Slightly highlight them so that they don’t look untouched and messy.

Freshen up the lips

No matter how much you work on your lips, you can never overdo them. You must not have time, yet you must be careful not to let the color run out of the boundaries. You don’t want to waste another minute wiping it and get all your sides messed up with lip color. What a disaster that would be.

Easy on the eye shadow

If an eye shadow brings boldness and joy to your face, then yes, it also has the power to ruin your face. Be very easy on the eye shadow. You don’t want to end up looking like a monster. Make sure you don’t do anything, after which you have to wipe it off because we all know it is not that easy. Just slide the brush slightly on your eyes, replacing the faded look.

So how much time did it take? 5 minutes only.