Let’s review Paul Mitchell’s hair products

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Hair products are a mess. It is challenging to find something good, and it is quite complicated to cover them because each hair behaves differently. Each hair has its own needs, sometimes products that make your hair feel nice are actually doing more harm than good, and vice versa. That’s why I make sure to use every product I cover for at least a few weeks, with regular accessories, which I know very well how they work, so I’ll have a good indication. This is why I barely talk about hair products, but when I do, it means that I have a definite opinion. So here are several points that you should think about.

Top Products

Cleaning and care products

Black Caviar Shampoo & Hair Mask Mon Platin Professional

I have dry hair, dyed, damaged, and difficult to arrange. Almost every hair product drains it even more. Some make it sticky. Hair masks do not usually affect it so well. These two products have completely changed my hair, and I can not live without them. My hair is much more pleasant, much brighter, and more flexible. These are the best products I have ever tried for my hair.

Black Caviar Shampoo
Black Caviar Shampoo

Shave Shampoo

A precise formula that gives you the ability to control your hair. Leaving your hair healthy and full of volume and moisture-rich. Rich in black caviar extracts, vitamin B3, and advanced amino acids help maintain the shine and tone of hair color. Has a balanced acidity. The product contains wheat germ proteins that nourish the hair and a hydrolyzed silk protein, which allows it to be soft to the touch and has a fenced volume.

Kerat Mask

A highly intensive therapeutic moisturizing mask nourishes the hair with essential ingredients and helps maintain the hair’s strength. Contains no salts and does not contravene chemical treatments such as smoothing. Helps to balance hair PH level and gives hair moisturizing, elasticity, and vitality. This formula prevents static electricity in the hair, and it is based on a variety of innovative ingredients enriched with black caviar extracts and olive oil. Royal jelly and plant extract to prevent oxidation (pomegranate ova life extract and green tea).

Instructions: Lather the shampoo thoroughly once or twice, put a mask, and massage into the lengths of hair and roots. Get out of the shower for ten minutes, and only then go back and wash. You will not recognize your hair, she promises. Obtain at Mon Platin Professional Hairdresser.

Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Masque Paul Mitchell

Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Masque Paul Mitchell

Intensive Mask and Marula Oil. Marula cold-pressed oil gives deep moisture that smoothes the hair, softens it, and adds volume to thin or dry and damaged hair. Even when the hair is dry, the mullet balls cling to the hair follicle that opens each time you brush or touch your hair, it releases fresh bursts of Marula oil throughout the day. Full of powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein, and vitamins. This formula nourishes and protects, provides intense moisture, closes split ends, prevents damage, and provides UV protection.

Ultimate Color Repair ™ Triple Rescue ™ Paul Mitchell

Protective treatment for dyed hair, 2-stage spray that protects against heat and hairdryer, can damage dyed hair and lead to faded hair. The top layer protects against heat and hairdryer, which can damage painted hair and lead to hair color fade. The lower layer softens the hair using a quinoa dye-preserving compound, so the hair looks healthy, shiny, and strong. I love this product since it leaves my hair soft, smooth, and easy to design.

Design products

Texturizing sea spray Paul Mitchell

Texturizing sea spray by Paul Mitchell
Texturizing sea spray by Paul Mitchell

The Sea spray for abundant design and exotic texture improves and defines curls and healthy hair. You should put it on wet and wiped hair, spray and absorb it, dry with a hairdryer, or let dry naturally. For additional curls, spray on dry hair.

Dry Wash® Paul Mitchell

Dry Wash® by Paul Mitchel
Dry Wash® by Paul Mitchell

This formula gives your hair a clean, fresh appearance and feel, and smell. It is gentle, colorless, leaves no residue, and is ideal for all hair types and colors. This spray is focused and powerful, refreshing, and reviving lifeless hair while extending the life of any design style.

Instructions: Shake well, spray on the scalp and hair roots in groups, then brush the hair to disperse the material.

Pure glaze Natural Formula

Although this formula does not belong to Paul Mitchell, but still I insist to add it to our list.

Pure glaze by Natural Formula
Pure glaze by Natural Formula

Sculpts and defines curls enriched with shea butter for nourishment and shine, without parabens and sulfates. The natural formula of Natural Formula Curls allows you to set and design perfect curls in an instant, keeping your design all day long, in all weather conditions, and without static electricity. It creates flexible and healthy curls. The product contains natural oils such as coconut oil, shea butter and macadamia nut oil for the purpose of nourishment and moisturizing your curly hair. Glaze dries rapidly and protects against the effect of moisture on the curls.

Instructions: Rub a little Glaze natural formula between the palms and apply on damp or dry hair from the edges as it rises while contracting. It is recommended to dry your hair with a diffuser in order to give it the full attention it deserves, but it can also dry naturally.