New beauty care products winter 2020

Write a review of toiletries and this is the most complicated task on the Beauty blog, because with all due respect to makeup, there is nothing more personal than cultivation. Each skin reacts differently to each product, each age requires other things, and there are also preferences that vary from person to person regarding textures, winter, summer, prices … In short, reviews of toiletries are a bitch but someone has to do it. My guiding principle when I write a review is to specify the independent parameters such as the target audience of the product, the ingredients in it, and the texture – the fact that I have loved or disliked one product or another does not really mean much to anyone but myself, In case it interests anyone. And after we said all this, let’s start with two body products that surprised me:

Top Products

Body lotion with serum, magical bathing oil, and massage oil for muscles

Oil Body Wash of Soap

This special product is a hybrid between liquid soap and luxurious oil. Now, usually these crosses are given or too oily soap that does not froze, or too soapy oil that frocks but does not remain on the body after rinsing. So I’m happy to say that this time – the soap is excellent frothy, washed well, leaving behind a soft skin that has already received a moisturizer. You can also add moisturizer after showering, and the oil mixes well with any cream you choose to put because its smell is very gentle. magic. Comes with a scent of roses, peaches, jasmine and vanilla. Go branch in the branch.

Pep-Start Hydrorush Spf 20 Moisturizer of the Clinique

One of the hardest things to find is a daytime moisturizer that has sun protection, and is not too heavy. This cream from the Clinique Pap Start is not a bad option. The cream is 20 SPF and contains antioxidants, anti-irritants and ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier to protect against environmental damage. In addition to moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides, the cream also contains various sunscreen to effectively absorb the sun’s rays on its various platforms, vitamin C and vitamin E. Can be used alone or under makeup. Price: 149 NIS, get in the pharmacies or in the online store.

Lip Butter of Blue

A small but cute product that was launched by the old Balu – the novelty is that the Balam is enriched with almond oil and shea butter, and ensures moisturizing lips for 12 hours. Comes in three versions, this time not in a stick like their usual, but in a flat round box. The ballam is moving. For the night I prefer something stronger, but everyday it’s fine .. For humidity and 12-hour protection, yes, if you live in a plastic bubble. In the real world it stays about 4 hours, which is good enough for me. The flavors are also nice – classic blue, vanilla-macadamia, and raspberries. Price: NIS 24.90, to be purchased at most pharms.

Dove Dermaspa by Dove

This is the second product that surprised very favorably. Small Disqualifier – I hate putting body lotion. It’s a terrible burden on me. To stand naked in the shower and wait for it to be absorbed, a nightmare. And even if I did, I usually do not really feel that it’s doing anything beyond making me a very, very sticky person. This new Dove cream made me feel like using it. And if you’re lazy body lotion like me, you know it means a lot. There are two emulsions in the series: one for dry skin care with Cell-Moisturisers ™ technology, a natural oil derived from plant seeds, an obese oil rich in omega 3,6,7 and 9, and the other one containing a younger skin serum that will keep the elasticity. What can I tell you? I do not make such a distinction between them. I just pull out one of them, if only because they are absorbed at top speed in the skin, and most importantly, leave me with a feeling that something has happened here until I take off my clothes and find that there is a pleasant smell of cream on my clothes. Price: NIS 24.90, available at Super-Pharm, Shufersal and Pharm chains, and on the drugstore site.

Arnica massage oil, of Weleda

Listen, I do not know who this oil is needed, and when I got it I did not understand what I was doing with it. But one day I came back from a wheelbarrow and could not move my legs. It was very cold that day, and I remembered that oil. I went into a hot hot shower, and when I came out I smeared the oil on the painful area, massaged for a few minutes and immediately put on thick socks to keep everything warm. Within half an hour the muscles did not hurt anymore, and the next day they were not caught, which is rare. This oil is recommended for athletes because of arnica and the mixture of vegetable oils with its warming effect. I’ve been putting me down since every day before training to prevent this kind of hardening-and that saves me, especially on these cold days. His smell is rosemary and lavender, two scents I do not love, but hey, for the effect I’m willing to tolerate them. Price: NIS 79.90, available at all nature chains, nature houses, private pharmacies and Super Pharm branches, and on the site.

Detoxifying Cleansing Oil

This will be my new love, the truth. I discovered them recently, and I’m starting to be a Grofit, I must admit. They have interesting products, and my experience is also very effective. Cleansing oil effectively removes makeup and deeply cleanses dirt from the neck and exposed skin, cleans and removes eye makeup in one step, and prepares the skin for the continuation of the grooming routine. The oil contains macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and more. The section with makeup remover oils is again – laziness – saves steps – apply the oil to dry skin, massage, all the makeup is smeared, then moisturize your hands in the water, massaging a little more, and wash your face. If you move cotton wool with face water on the skin, I promise you that it will remain white. He’s a bit expensive, that’s his only problem.


Sublime Fresh of L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris has launched a peeling gel gel (helps remove dead skin cells + purifies and cleans pores for a fresh, fresh skin look.) The formula contains purifying ingredients and 2 types of mineral grains for gentle skin peeling (used just like any other peeling) On damp skin, massaging a little and washing. I did not notice anything special after the use, aside from the fact that he was too aggressive for me. Personally I prefer a more gentle peeling, so I think it is more suitable for young girls with oily skin and not too thin or too sensitive.