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Using the Whole Plant – What is the Entourage Effect?

Using the Whole Plant - What is the Entourage Effect image

As we all know, cannabis has numerous beneficial qualities. Throughout history, people used it for medical, recreation, and even spiritual purposes. It can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, help anxiety, insomnia and much more. This is why ever since scientists have recognized that cannabis might hold beneficial health-related qualities they started isolating the numerous elements that […]

CBD and Addiction: For the Last time, You Cannot Get High on CBD!

CBD and addiction - is cbd addictive?

In the past several years, using CBD became mainstream. You can find all sorts of people using it, from athletes, gym enthusiasts to stay at home moms and people who take CBD products to work. There are many reasons why people find CBD so appealing. It works great as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving […]