The Ultimate Chair Challenge: the strange challenge that only women can overcome and men can’t

On the internet there are challenges for all kinds, however, it seems that this new challenge can only be done by the ladies and everyone is confused with this challenge.

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Some challenges require a lot of skill, good coordination or balance, which anyone could achieve with practice. The strange thing about the Chair Challenge is that women can do it perfectly and on the first try, while men can’t

The chair challenge

This curious challenge is quite simple to do: you stand in front of a wall, you separate at a distance of three feet, you lean and recharge your head on the wall; so crouched you take a chair, place it with your hands on your chest and get up. It sounds like something very simple and in fact, all women have been able to do it without any problem. But when men try, no matter how athletic or strong they are, they just can’t get up with the chair on their chest and it’s a very funny thing to see.



The Chair Challenge is driving everyone crazy on social media because nobody knows what the reason is for women to make it so easy and men stay crouched there. Does it have a chromosome and does it have something to do? Some explanations have emerged on the internet about this challenge. It is said that men cannot do it because their feet are larger, so they take a greater distance from the wall.

Another explanation that sounds more convincing, from scientist Jeremy Johnson, is that the center of mass in the body of ladies and men is different: “The center of mass for most women is lower, to the hips, while the center of mass in men is much higher. Therefore, for most women the center of mass, while they bend over and take the chair, is above their feet, while the center of mass for most men is above the chair. ”


Whether for the distance from the wall, the center of gravity or for any other reason, the Chair Challenge is the new viral challenge on the internet and here we show you a sample of how women do it without problem and men spoil it:


  1. Well, it’s really hard



  1. Why do they make it look so simple?



  1. Here we go … Somebody help me



  1. Not even the strongest can




  1. You will have to visit your doctor later